Diverse Perspectives Show

July 13th and 14th I will be joining twenty other artists in the celebration of Artown and in the fight against ALS. We take over a gorgeous park-like yard in old southwest Reno, set up our booths, and dazzle the eye with an array of mediums, passions and disciplines. Basket makers, ceramicists, painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, glass workers, photographers….   This is our fourth year and each year it gets bigger and better. We time our show with other art events in the neighborhood. People take advantage of this and enjoy the different venues. Last year Diverse Perspectives attracted around four hundred people! We also raised thousands of dollars for the ALS Association.  Click on this link to find out more about the other artists: diverseperspectivesart.com 

I draw inspiration from my adventures in the great outdoors. This year continued to paint from my climbing escapades around the Mont Blanc massif in France; a kayaking trip up Glen Canyon, and hikes around Donner Summit.


Glen Canyon Paddle

Glen Canyon Paddle,  24 x 30


Lac des Chéserys

Lac des Chéserys,  12 x 24



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