I spent most of my life playing in the great outdoors. Actually, I wrote this bio on a fishing vessel 11:30 at night in Kachemak Bay, Alaska. Bobbing on two foot swells surrounded by vast vistas of snow encrusted mountains, tumbling waterfalls, and minke whales. How do I communicate the sense of space, shifting colors, the textures of nature? Painting has been an ongoing challenge of finding that perfect combination of shapes, perfect combination of colors thick and thin, dark and light, cool and warm to communicate a moment in time. Sometimes a painting is a record of a long period of time condensed into a small flat space. Sometimes a painting is a mad dash to capture a fleeting feeling. I first became captivated by different senses of time when I wandered through the Musee D’Orsay studying the Impressionists over twenty years ago. Since then I have chased the illusive sense of light, space and time by studying Plein Air painting with artists like Phyllis Schaffer and George Strickland. Landscape is not something just ‘outside.’ An internal landscape materializes, interacts and often overtakes the external – starting with the first strokes and abstract patterns.


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